The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Read this first in high school, and after finishing it as an adult, I feel more strongly than ever that these sorts of classic stories are wasted when we read them as teenagers. What a sad, sad book. And Gatsby is just a sad, sad, mixed-up, man.

The whole roaring 20s scene Fitzgerald writes about at Gatsby's parties reminded me of the hot mess America gets a front seat to with things like the The Jersey Shore and other positively awful reality TV shows where the viewer can hardly believe that the people on camera all belong to the human race half of the time. It made me feel slightly better/worse about humanity and its' present state that as long as there has been the ability for excess that people are keen to make fools of themselves without inhibition.

Another thing I failed to grasp in high school is that I didn't remember Daisy being so awful from my original read. I sort of wanted to throttle her, particularly when we reach the horrible climax and everything goes spiraling down into one big giant disastrous mess. A mess which, I really wanted to lay entirely at her spoiled, rich ridiculous feet. At the very least I was as disgusted as Nick with the whole of the New York social scene and Daisy in particularly by the time the book ended.

It's quite a read though. Reading this, and trying to write stories myself, I'm reminded why I should spend more time reading great works of literature. Fitzgerald does so much in such a short span of time there's a reason it's a classic.