What I Did for Love: A Novel

What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I read "It Had to Be You," which strangely I didn't love, but it still made me a fan. Phillips write great characters and that kept me coming back for me.

I enjoyed this story, with all of its supporting characters more than "It Had to Be You," but the hero kept it from being a 4 or 5 star read. Bram was VERY hard to like for most of the book. He spends a lot of the book hiding who he has become from our heroine, and while reading you sort of know that there is more too him than he is letting on, but at the same time, you can't see it and so you don't like him. He's a total ass to Georgie, especially in the beginning. Though Georgie is REALLY down on her luck at the beginning, she still manages to hold her own with Bram, which makes her more likeable. If she behaved like a woe-is-me doormat this book wouldn't have been anywhere near as enjoyable. And of course there is my favorite trope-- the accidental marriage. I love it when characters that hate each other are forced to hang out together.

I also don't normally like secondary romances in my romances, but Phillips does them well. There is a secondary romance between Paul, Georgie's father, and Georgie's agent. There's another between the housekeeper, Chaz and Georgie's assistant. That one I wished had had it's whole book. I thought Chaz was a really interesting character. Phillips does a really good job painting her supporting characters even though they don't have that much time on the page.

Part of the reason that this book worked for me was that I enjoy the "movie star" trope and dsince this was between two movie stars, it was entertaining. Others commented that this seems to be based somewhat on the Brad Bitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston situation, I agree and that worked for me too.