The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons This was slightly less awesome for me than the first two. The first 60% was unbelievable and EXACTLY what I wanted. Alexander has to heal after he gets back from a truly gruesome ten years at war and Tatiana is there to help him. It was sweet and perfect and also gritty and raw. I loved.

Once we get away from the war a while-- this book spans right up until the new millennium-- there is the business of being married. The part I loved about this book, nearly 60% of it, centers on Tatiana and Alexander's marriage. After Anthony gets older there is quite a lot to do with the children. While the events that unfold in the last quarter of the book were very interesting, I felt that it lost the essential thread-- mainly the relationship between Tatiana and Alexander. The last action is intense and heart-pounding, but the resolution after that left me confused.

The last pages came full circle and gave a lovely farewell to Tatia and Shura, but Simons probably could have cut the Coda without an issue.

I also desperately wanted a spin-off story for Anthony and his own great love-- (I won't say who it is in order not to spoiler) what a story that would be!