Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis Spaceships and conspiracies, oh my! Right after reading this book I thought I liked it a lot. A couple of weeks later and I have sort of a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know why. This book has elements of a lot of other science fiction in it. The premise is like The Last Hour of Gann with humans signing up to leave earth and colonize a new planet, but once on the ship it shifts and its has an almost Giver-like vibe. There are generations of people living on the spaceship, keeping it working and something is rotten in Denmark. The leader of the ship is named Eldest and the hero is named Elder, slated since birth to become the next leader of the ship. Then one of the cryo-frozen humans, Amy, gets woken up and we embark on an investigation of who is sabotaging the humans and what is REALLY going on with the Elder and the ship. We get a little romance and a whole lot of weird. Like I said, I liked this book, but now I don't know that I really liked it. It meandered a bit. What should have been a very snappy plot, what will all the whodunnit stuff going on, wasn't. The reveal at the end was interesting and revealing, but it wasn't awe-inspiring. I guess I feel a little let down. Those there wasn't really a resolution to the conflict introduced at the start-- that the humans will colonize a new planet-- I'm not going to read book 2.