Days of Blood and Starlight

Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor I honestly didn't believe it would be possible for this book to be as good as Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Ms. Taylor outdid herself with this one. This book is excellent. The story is satisfying and beautiful and everything that you need it to be. Her world building is really just amazing. Phenomenal. Best book I've read all year, by far.

We get to see Karou in a different way in this book. Other reviewers commented that the romance aspect of this book is much less. That is true, but it works. It gives space for the author to delve into the deeper issues going on here. It's really a book about war and loss. It's gritty and sad, but it's also uplifting in places. The characters are expertly crafted. Love, love, loved this book!